Arthur Groos

Seattle's Tremere Regent


Camarilla Thoughts:

Fled to his Chantry in the face of opposition, left the upholding of the Traditions to us outside of the city.

Felicia Bishop

Anarch Thoughts:

It’s a shame we Tremere can’t get along. We don’t wish to cause them harm, but such a prominent Camarilla presence in the city can only stand for so long.

-Oliver Hall

Objective Background:

The Tremere Regent for Seattle and the surrounding area, Arthur retreated into his Chantry when Caitiff Rebellion came to a conclusion.Unable to openly fight against the The Court of Goodwill, and the Court being unable to force him out of the city, they remain at a stand still. His official order for the apprentices in the city are to continue their previous tasks, aiding the Court if necessary, as long as it doesn’t directly harm the Camarilla or the Tremere.

Arthur Groos

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