Zoé Labelle

Caitiff Primogen of Seatlle


Camarilla Thoughts:

I do love their pathetic little attempt to replicate the Camarilla, no matter how distorted it may be.

- Arthur Groos

Anarch Thoughts:

Two Caitiff in the Court? This shit is starting to remind me of the Camarilla. At least she seems to be out for the little guys.

-Agustín Castillo

Objective Background:

A fairly young vampire, Zoé was put in a fairly odd position, many Caitiff were eligible (and willing) to be the Primogen, while she actually didn’t want the position. Why James offered her the position is uncertain, some believe it is because she didn’t want the position, others think it has something to do with her anti-Camarilla activism long before the Caitiff Rebellion, many believe James might be in love with Zoé, and wanted her close to him (though Margaret quickly denounces this as a rumor).

Whatever the reason, Zoé originally declined, but after some convincing from an unknown acquaintance, decided to take the position. Since then, she has used her position as Primogen to try and protect the weaker groups (like the clans without Primogen). She is currently the most outspoken member of the Court.

Zoé Labelle

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