The Betrayer, the Lost Hand


Camarilla Thoughts:

O, poor Cassius, thou were no coward, yet thy life was still cut short. O, cruel fate!

-Toreador Harpy in Portland

Anarch Thoughts:

Cassius “the Betrayer”, he should of stood with the rest of the Hand. Their loyalty is to each other, not the Prince.

Objective Background:

One of the elder members of The Prince’s Hand, Cassius held the most loyalty towards Layton, the former Prince. When the rest of the Hand decided to join James near the end of the rebellion, Cassius saw them as traitors, and stayed with Layton.

Cassius was killed along with Layton and his personal ghouls.

The Betrayer

No one is certain exactly when it started, or who started, but within a few months of James’s new rule, the fallen Cassius was given the title of “Betrayer”. This title was two-fold, partially based on the fact he abandoned (or betrayed) the rest of the Hand when they joined James in the rebellion, and partially due to the fact he shared a name with Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Roman senator who lead the plot to kill Julius Caesar. This title is often used by Anarchs and sympathizers of The Court when referring to the Lost Hand.


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