Eccentric drug lord. Saint of Seattle


“Oh, yeah… Fryer. He is a weird, arrogant, bastard. Do you know why he calls himself “Fryer”? He has two reasons: number one, he had the bright idea to play dress up as a friar, getting the haircut, wearing the robes, all that shit; and two, his ‘product’ will fry your brain. That guy is a fucking joke."
-Mr. Breeze


Camarilla Thoughts:

That demented fool? He truly believes himself a servant of God, as well as being a prolific drug lord. Seems truly Malkavian.

Felicia Bishop

Anarch Thoughts:

That guy is batshit insane. He seems almost like a joke a first, but he is ruthless. More than one ambitious young Anarch has died trying to take him down.

-Agustín Castillo

Objective Background:

Fryer, an eccentric drug-dealing gang leader in Seattle. He sticks out because of his “friar” motif, and for whatever reason, he sticks to it, describing his drugs as “a religious experience”, and saying he does what he does “to help the people”. While some people find his act endearing, most don’t care, as long as his product is good enough, and many are annoyed by it. One person in particular mocks Fryer for his eccentric looks and behavior, Mr. Breeze, another, exceptionally less eccentric drug dealer, and Fryer’s main competition. The two combined has created the majority of gang violence in the city.

The people of Seattle have a strange relationship with Fryer, his does peddle drugs, as well as having a criminal gang at his disposal that wander the streets, he seems to have a twisted sense of compassion, and doesn’t do commit/order outright violence.


Like a real friar, Fryer is part of a “mendicant order” (that he made) called The Order of Divine Revelations.


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