Mark Draper

The Potential Gangrel Primogen


Camarilla Thoughts:

It makes me strangely satisfied that the Gangrel left Seattle as well. It seems the Outlanders don’t like anyone above them.

Felicia Bishop

Anarch Thoughts:

He could of helped make this city a great place, but his choice is his choice, and I will honor it.

James Elwyn

Objective Background:

Mark Draper was a prominent member of the Caitiff Rebellion, helping leading his clan against the Camarilla alongside the Caitiff. Due to his fierce tenacity in combat, and courage in leadership, he was Jame’s first choice of Gangrel Primogen. However, instead of taking up his offer, he convinced the rest of his clan to leave the city, finally free of the Camarilla presence. As such, finding a Gangrel in the streets of Seattle is basically impossible.

Mark’s whereabouts are currently unknown, though it is believed he still resides in the forrest nearby the city.

Mark Draper

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