Gargoyle "Primogen"


Camarilla Thoughts:

A free Gargoyle? In his council? Well I suppose when the Camarilla doesn’t accept your rule, anything is allowed.

-Arthur Groos

Anarch Thoughts:

Ash is in a weird position, as most of the Gargoyles in Seattle are hidden away in the Tremere chantry. He doesn’t have anyone to speak for, which I guess is fitting, as he doesn’t do much talking.

-James Elwyn

Objective Background:

Little is known about this “Primogen”. He did not aid in the Rebellion, and instead showed up after, as James was looking to fill seats in The Court. While there are Gargoyles in the city, both independent, and under Tremere control, they aren’t all that many in Seattle for Ash to speak for. Due to this fact, Ash isn’t considered a true member of the Primogen, Despite not being a “true Primogen”, Ash does get some say on the city in general.


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