James Elwyn

The Caitiff Baron of Seattle


Camarilla Thoughts:

A Caitiff vampire, Thin-Blooded, no less, that managed to usurp Seattle from its rightful owns. Young and foolish, he completely disregards the ancient Traditions that keep vampires safe from the threat of the Kine, and the threat of each other. How he has lasted this long is unknown, it it shall surely come to and end soon.

Some of the more, “superstitious” vampires in the Camarilla fear his rule is a sign of Gehenna, and the “return of the Antediluvians”. A preposterous statement, Caine and the Antediluvians must have died out centuries ago, if they existed at all.

Felicia Bishop

Anarch Thoughts:

There isn’t much to say about James, he isn’t some knight in shining armor, or some glorious rebel leader that started the whole thing from the ground up, he is just a guy with an ideal in a city full of people right on the breaking point. All he really did is push us past that point. I’m not trying to discredit James here, I mean, if it wasn’t for him, we may have never gotten past the point.

When the rebellion ended, everyone was worried for a second, his first act as “Baron” was pretty heavy handed, executing Layton. No one was around to watch him die, it isn’t really easy to see another vampire be obliterated by the sun, but even then, I am not sure if we really wanted to see it. After everything settled down, he didn’t end up a power-hungry megalomaniac, so that’s good.

-Agustín Castillo

Objective Background

The current “Prince” (or Baron, according to the Anarchs) of Seattle, James rose to power in the year 2000, bringing new rule to the city with the turn of the city. Little is publicly known about James, except he was Embraced recently (in vampire terms), and that he is a Thin-blooded Caitiff.

His rise to power was sudden, and very unexpected by the Camarilla, having only enough concern for the Caitiff to send a squad or two of the Scourge to thin their numbers. This clearly wasn’t enough, as he had dozens of them to help him rebel against the city.

He had some help acquiring troops for his rebellion, such as Agustín Castillo. When they finally took the city, James and his allies assumed power forcing all but one of the old council out of the city.

In control of the city, James’s first act as “Baron” was to have Layton Boon, the former Prince, staked and left for the sun, stating to the vampiric community that is was for his crimes against the Caitiff.

James has ruled the city for almost 2 decades since, with relatively little Camarilla action. To help keep his position secure, James invited many non-Camarilla vampires into his Court, gaining favor with any clans, or even bloodline, with a prominent presence in the city.

James Elwyn

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