Mr. Breeze

Powerful drug lord with Cartel connections.


Oh Breeze, poor child. He does not seek to help or enlighten, instead he profits off of others’ misery. He steals, and kills, and rapes, ruining the lives of all he meets. But this can change, I have faith."



Camarilla Thoughts:

Without our guidance and protection, the city has begun to ravaged by crime. But of course, we were just tyrants…

Arthur Groos

Anarch Thoughts:

This guy is a threat to the people of Seattle. Someone needs to take him out, do the Kine a favor.

-Agustín Castillo

Objective Background:

Mr. Breeze is one of the two largest drug dealers in Seattle. With ties to drugs cartels down in Mexico, he has a steady supply of weapons and drugs to distribute through out the city. He has an intense rivalry with the other largest drug dealer, Fryer. The two combined have created the majority of gang violence in the city.

Breeze’s Crime Syndicate

Mr. Breeze

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