Darian Porter

The former Nosferatu Primogen. Stepped down during the rebellion.


Camarilla Thoughts:

Typical Nosferatu, flees to the sewers when conflict starts. He shall pay dearly.

Felicia Bishop

Anarch Thoughts:

Say what you want about the elders, at least some are willing to allow change.

-ZoƩ Labelle

Objective Background:

The former, and original, Nosferatu Primogen of Seattle. He had a place in the cities Primogen for as long as the city had had Primogen. When the Caitiff Rebellion came around, he stood by his Prince, like the rest of the Primogen. However, he, unlike the rest of the Primogen, did not stand forever. In late October, Darian stepped down as Primogen of the clan Nosferatu. The Prince condemned his actions, vowing to punish him after the rebel threat was over, but that didn’t happen.

After the rebellion, James Elwyn openly commended his act of stepping down, and as a reward for his acceptance of the new rule, he was allowed to stay in the city, though he would not be the Primogen of his clan.

Due to his clan’s general attitude towards other Kindred, he was the least active Primogen in Seattle, acting more as a mediator for information trade between the Sewer Rats and the other Camarilla clans, as well as making sure the Camarilla didn’t over step their bounds when dealing with the Nosferatu and their way of (un)life.

Darian Porter

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