Eric Barr

Avid Anarch Supporter


He has a shaved head, tattoos, ripped up clothing, a leather jacket, and combat boots.


Camarilla Thoughts:

“A stereotypical Anarch, young and foolish. He thinks he knows better than those of us that have existed for centuries.”

-Arthur Groos

Anarch Thoughts:

“Samuel is a rebel, through and through. I don’t think he will ever satisfied with the people in charge.”

ZoƩ Labelle

Objective Background:

A brash individual. Likely the most well known Anarch outside of The Court. He is also the biggest opponent of the Court, saying it is a just a cheap attempt at being the Camarilla, the people they fought against in the first place. His views are dismissed as radical by most, but not by all.

Eric Barr

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