The City of Goodwill

Session 1-1
Now with More Flair!

The First Night, Nov 8th-9th:


Harold woke up in his haven, low on blood. He took only one point from his supply (as he did for the next few nights as well). As he got up, he saw his ghoul, Olaf, leaving for the night, his job of watching Harold for the day complete. He had been doing this for months, coming back bruised or bloody. Harold decided he would follow Olaf, to try and figure out what he was doing. Harold got into his car, and followed Olaf.

At the same time, Christian “Lastat” Angelus (who varies on if he wants to go by Christian or Lastat, learning towards the former, it seems), awoke to find a message on his phone from Allan Johnson, one of his contacts in the police force, telling him about some non-descript illegal thing going down at the docks. Unable to drive, Christian headed to the bus stop by his house. There, a homeless man was sleeping on the bench, attempting to stay dry. Annoyed that the man was taking up the whole bench, Christian pushed him off. When the bus arrived, Christian ended up getting into a fight with a man publicly playing music on his phone (he had tried to be civil, asking the man to stop, then asked again more aggressively, before throwing the mans phone out of a window). With room for blood in his system, and starved for adrenaline, Christian fed on the man, draining 3 pints (more than the safe amount). To try and ensure the mans survival, he left him propped up on the side of the road for others to hopefully notice him, feeling that was enough(1.). He then went to the next bus stop, and headed off to the port.

The Port

Being in his own car, and having less distractions, Harold made it to the Port first. He followed Olaf to a warehouse with two guards out front, telling them he was with Olaf to get in. Inside, he caught the tail-end of a fight, seeing a man beaten and bloody trying he hardest, but going down anyway. He tried to examine the man medically (from a distance), but couldn’t notice much that wasn’t readily apparent.

It was around this time Christian should up, telling the guards he was there to fight (after finding out what the place even was). As he went inside, he say a strangely dressed pale man examining a beaten man. Christian dragged the man to a shelf, propping him up, trying to wake him up. Despite being told to not touch the fighters, a guard ended up giving Christian a bottle of water to help the man.

Using his knowledge of the human mind and human actions, Harold tried to spot any suspicious activity suggesting the fights may be fixed, which he eventually did. Going around talking to people there, Christian secured himself a place in a fight. Both kindred stood and watched Olaf’s fight, against an opponent Harold later learned was cheating (plaster hand wraps). Due to the beating he was taking, Olaf ended up killing the other fighter.

Christian won with ease in his own fight, winning 200 bucks (in betting and wins combined). As they were about to leave, they saw a man being dragged to Michael Van Rompay for trying to run out on a bet. Christian beat the man up for van Rompay, drank some of the mans blood (3 pints, again), and had Harold help take him home.

After the Port

After dropping of his newest vampire acquaintance, Harold went to his haven to compile the notes and drawing he took of the situation (2.). Having a craving for more action, Christian called up his drug dealer contact, Sewer Rat, to learn of a deal going down in a school parking lot. Christian made his way over, interrupted the deal (almost getting shot by the dealer, who’s gun jammed upon firing), stopping the dealer, but letting the buyer get away. He called his dad’s old partner Norton Thorne, to come pick up the dealer and the drugs/gun. After that, Christian returned to his own Haven.

The Second Night Nov 9th-10th:

The Chantry

Having meet a new vampire the previous night, Harold planned on taking Christian to Masquerade, a nightclub downtown, run by the Toreador Simon, but was sidetracked when he received a letter from Arthur Groos, the Tremere Regent, warning him of the attacks against Caitiff, and asking him to come see Racheal Graham. He went to the chantry, and had a ritual done to ensure the Chantry could observe if he was still alive or not.

During this time, Christian began heading back to the school he was at last night. Unable to drive, he began walking. Harold eventually found him, and took him to the school, where the buyer from the night before was found. (3.) Christian charged the buyer, taking him out. He then searched his car, stole his money, and called Norton again to pick him up. Afterwards, Harold finally got the chance to take him to the club.


Bypassing the line by letting the ghoul bouncer know they were vampires, and then doing the same to get into the VIP area. There, they met Simon, Margaret Acker (the Toreador Primogen and accomplished Harpy), Anthony Acker (the Malkavian Primogen and Margaret’s biological son). Despite being told not to talk to him by Harold, Christian struck up a conversation with Anthony, who was more polite than any of the other vampires Christian had talked to (according to him, as Simon offhandedly/accidentally insulted him twice in the span of about a minute). Simon was surprised to see Harold there, and Simon, Harold, and Margaret ended up in a minor debate over the Baron and Anarchs.

After talking with Simon, Harold introduced Christian to Eric Barr (who immediately asked if Christian was “scraped from the gutter”). Despite Eric’s dislike of Harold, he agreed with his idea of taking Christian to play Nines.


Eric’s gang (and Christian) loaded up into a truck, and headed to the outskirts of town to play Nines (like paintball, with 9mm’s). The game was going “well”, before accidentally shot Bradley Davidson in the head, and Joker‘s gun blew his own hand off as he jumped out of a tree, causing him to slam into another tree, incapacitating himself. Eric called the game off, saying they “killed the mood”, and was about to head out, when someone noticed Steven was msiing. Eric didn’t really care, and halfheartedly said they could search for him as a group (except for Joker, he had to wait by the truck). When Christian suggested they split up to cover more ground, Eric started to get angry, saying that was a stupid plan in Lupine territory, and that they were heading back to the truck, and Christian had an hour to search before they left him out there. What Christian said in response to Eric is uncertain (something along the lines of “fine then go wait by the truck, I’ll do it myself”) angered Eric further, who then demanded that Christian come back to the truck with him. When he didn’t, more or less telling Eric that he wasn’t the boss of him, Eric frenzied, causing Christian to frenzy. The to got into a fight, ending with Christian unconscious. He woke up in the back of the truck, Steven having been waiting there the whole time. The dropped Christian off at the club, letting him run home before the sun came up.

The Third Night, Nov 10th-11th:

Something Big Going Down

Soon after waking up, Christian called his contact, Sewer Rat, asking if he knew of any big deals going down. Sewer Rat only knew of one, and he only really knew the location, the Masquerade nightclub (which Christian said he had never heard of). Christian and Harold went there to see what was going on, warning Simon of something dangerous going on. Simon said it was unfortunate, but drug deals don’t really affect him, so he didn’t really care.

Before they left, Harold “informed” Joker and Steven about the fight club at the docks (4).
As they were heading out, they noticed Eric sitting in a booth with Mr. Breeze, a notorious drug lord in Seattle. Eric was fairly opening mentioning aspects of vampire existence in front of Breeze, prompting Harold to fake a call with the Baron, James Elwyn (he didn’t try to fake the call, James just didn’t pick up). This angered Eric, with him pulling a gun on Harold for being a “rat”. Christian kept antagonizing Eric, to the point he was on the verge of frenzy (from their combined efforts). Harold used dominate to keep him calm, but Christian almost caused him to frenzy again by further antagonizing him, though he instead ended up storming out, much to Breeze’s displeasure (4-1).

With the opportunity presenting itself, Harold attempted to set up a deal between Breeze and Malinda Langenberg (5). She wasn’t sure, and Harold gave her time to consider, which Breeze obliged. After that, Harold and Christian had a discussion (the topic is uncertain, though it was likely telling Christian to be less antagonistic, and to not worry about Breeze).

Punch Drunk

The two headed out, but, starved for adrenaline, Christian decided to scare and drink blood from a drunk in the alley besides the club (3 points, again). This caused him to become heavily intoxicated, and as the man ran away into the street, Harold almost hit him. Christian came up to Harold’s care, recognizing it, accidentally breaking the (passenger side?) window trying to tap on it. Using Dominate again, Harold managed to make Christian go to sleep long enough to get him into the back of car, and then he brought Christian to hiss haven, and had Olaf watch him until he sobered up. Afterwards, he returned to his own haven.

With time to spare, Harold began to make a rough prototype for his predictive algorithm, starting with a framework for imputing his existing data. It took him the rest of the night, as well as part of the next.

The Fourth to Seventh Nights, Nov 11th-15th:


Not every night is eventful. The next few days were spent learning to drive by Christian, who was likely tired of having to be chauffeured around, or spending money on taxis/bus fare.

Harold continued work on his algorithm, enlisting the help of Simon (who was no longer surprised to see him, more surprised he keep showing up night after night) to find a programmer. (6)He was called back on the 15th to meet Ryan Fortier(7).

The Eight Night, Nov 15th-16th:


November 16th was the night of the Emerald Court meeting, where the idea of making the Pike Place Market into and Elysium was discussed. It was opposed by many, who saw it as being just like the Camarilla, but Christian and others spoke up, swinging enough people to the side in favor of Elysium.

Other matters were discussed, such as the dead Anarchs, the Cathayans (who were blamed for the dead anarchs), the Tremere (which Harold spoke out for), the Scourge from Portland, and the rumors of Sabbat uprising in the city (which the Court, and Harold, denied).


Session 1

Night 1, Nov 8-9
Woke up, Harold followed Olaf.
Lastat assaulted a guy on a bus for playing music too load, stole is blood and adrenaline.
FIght club, Lastat did a fight and won.
Harold learned the fights are rigged.
Lastat beat up a guy for van Rompay, dropped the guy off at home.
Harold took notes and sketches, saved on his computer.

Night 2, Nov 9-10
Went to Masquerade, met anarchs (listed below). Ancidentally shot one in the head, another lost his hand, the leader frenzied, beating Lastat in a fight
They both met and talked to ANthony, Simon, and Margaret
Tylar crashed at Harold’s
Lastat incapacitated by Eric in frenzy.
Harold got Eric mad at him

Night 3, Nov 10-11
broke up drug deal between Eric and Breeze, Harold told on him
Harold tried to set up a deal between Langenberg and Breeze
Lastat got drunk
Harold almost completed a profile database

night 4-7 nov 11-15
lastat learned to drive
harold started making a profile database, hired someone else to work on it with him

night 8, nov 16
the ELysium meeting (Pike Place is now an Elysium)

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