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  • Final Death

    All vampires, as members of the Damned are dead from the moment of their creation. Being immortal beings with no fear of aging, they have more or less conquered death. This isn't saying a vampire cannot be destroyed, many things can destroy a vampire, and …

  • Miscellaneous

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  • Cassius

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). O, poor Cassius, thou were no coward, yet thy life was still cut short. O, cruel fate! -Toreador Harpy in Portland h3. Anarch Thoughts: Cassius "the Betrayer", he should of stood with the rest of the [[The Prince's …

  • Layton Boon

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). The greatest victim of the Caitiff revolt, he led Seattle well. [[:felicia-bishop | Felicia Bishop]] h3. Anarch Thoughts: bq). The old tyrant of Seattle, I'm glad he's gone. The mistreatment of the Caitiff in this …