Tag: Harold


  • Harold Sinclair

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). A loyal member of clan Tremere, he serves his purpose admirably. He has sufficiently proved his worth. -[[:arthur-groos | Arthur Groos]] h3. Anarch Thoughts: bq). Is he a Camarilla supporter? I'm not quite sure. He …

  • Olaf

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). Unlike the traditional Ghouls of clan Tremere, but we are not in a position for such intricacies. [[:arthur-groos | Arthur Groos]] h3. Anarch Thoughts: bq). [[:harold-sinclair | Harold]] has a ghoul? Hmm... …

  • Malinda Langenberg

    A Ventrue in big business, Malinda can't usually show her true emotions, and has to keep everything buried inside. Harold is the only person she can trust in any regard, and she shares all of her secrets with him.

  • Tylar Roach

    An alcoholic Nosferatu with little respect for anyone. He doesn't care about others well-being (doesn't for his own too much either). The main reason he is visiting Harold is his current "lifestyle" isn't bringing him any sort of joy anymore, it all feels …