Tag: Ventrue


  • Layton Boon

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). The greatest victim of the Caitiff revolt, he led Seattle well. [[:felicia-bishop | Felicia Bishop]] h3. Anarch Thoughts: bq). The old tyrant of Seattle, I'm glad he's gone. The mistreatment of the Caitiff in this …

  • Carter Rake

    h3. Camarilla Thoughts: bq). Carter Rake, truly an interesting specimen. He has survived since the previous reign, and still sits on the, "Baron's", council. I am unsure if that makes him a great asset, or a traitor. Only time will tell. -[[:arthur- …

  • Malinda Langenberg

    A Ventrue in big business, Malinda can't usually show her true emotions, and has to keep everything buried inside. Harold is the only person she can trust in any regard, and she shares all of her secrets with him.