Chinatown International District

Camarilla & Anarch Thoughts:

Stay out of Chinatown!

Objective Info:

Seattle Chinatown-International District, a neighborhood in Seattle the is the center of the city’s Asian-American community. No Kindred dare wander into Chinatown, due to the presence of Cathayans, “Kindred of the East”, an encroaching threat to West-coast Kindred. Little is known of the Cathayans, what is known is that:

  • They come from Asia.
  • While they are vampires, they don’t seem to be Cainites.
  • They don’t like Kindred.

While not necessarily bringing enemies together, Anarchs and Camarilla alike view the Cathayans as a threat.

The entrance to Chinatown.

Map of Chinatown.

Chinatown International District

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