The Primogen is often considered an old vampires club. It is usually filled with the eldest and/or most powerful vampires, one representing each clan.

The current Primogen of Seattle don’t vary too far from the norm, they are amongst the most powerful vampires currently is their respective clans, most of them helping James in his rebellion. All of the city’s Primogen are also members of The Court of Goodwill.

Current Primogen:

Former Primogen:


The deciding factor for if a clan gets a Primogen is the number of vampires of that clan in the area. Bloodlines will almost never end up with a Primogen, as very few vampires come from bloodlines. This led to some vampires sitting on the Court, while not officially representing a clan (or representing a clan of little influence).

Clans Without a Primogen:

While some smaller clans have some sort of representative (even if they aren’t actually Primogen), others completely lack any form of representation. The reasons vary, from a strong tie to the Sabbat, apathy, or self-interest.

  • The Followers of Set
  • Tzimisce
  • Assamites
  • Ravnos
  • Gangrel


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