Camarilla Opinion:

The once great city of Seattle. It stood as a proud Camarilla stronghold, especially as we pushed the Sabbat East. The state of the city started to decline post WW2, with the rise of the Anarch Free State, and the Cathayans coming from Asia. Anarchs started heading north, and settled in our city like a cancer. It slowly spread, becoming malignant with their little “revolution”, consuming what was left of Seattle. It is now a husk, and must be purged of the Thin-Blooded filth, or abandoned all together."

- Arthur Groos

Anarch Opinion:

Seattle is not a good place, let’s make that clear. It is corrupt, dangerous, and the people don’t seem to care. And that is just u- the humans…

I want to make something else clear, our current Baron is drastically better than the Prince ever was, but things are starting to feel the same as they used to, with the side effect of roving gangs of vampires in the streets.

I don’t want to sound like I hate James, or that I think the city’s current state is his fault. He has done so much for this city, he deserves some recognition. No, I feel like we must collectively share this burden. We no longer have an authoritarian prince deciding every action for us, we can make are own decisions, but we need to be ready to face the consequences.

- ZoƩ Labelle

Objective Info:

Seattle, founded 1869. Since then, it has become one of the biggest cities in the United States, a perfect hunting ground for the Kindred.

With the Sabbat being all but completely forced East, Seattle has been under Camarilla control for decades. The former Prince, Layton Boon, ruled over the city from the late 1930’s to 2000, when the Thin-Blooded Caitiff James Elwyn lead a Caitiff revolt, deposing of Layton, leaving him staked for the sun.

Since that day, Seattle has stood independent from the Camarilla, adopting an Anarch way of rule. The remaining elders were forced out of council, and replaced with James’s closest allies, with one major exception.

State of the City:

Formerly a Camarilla city, Seattle has abandoned many of the old rules (but not all of them). The Traditions are largely ignored, allowing any vampire to claim parts of the city as his domain (provided he can hold that claim), and increase in the number of Kindred in the city, and the Masquerade being pushed to the brink. The Baron’s reasoning behind this is that his supporters fought and died to rid the city of the Camarilla presence, not to simply put a new Prince on the throne. Keeping everything exactly the way it was would be a spit in the face to anyone who followed him.

While a Thin-Blooded Caitiff Anarch taking over the city may have drawn the attention of neighboring Camarilla cities, this blatant disregard of the Traditions has forced many of their hands. Scourges roam the streets, sent by other Princes, attempting to cull the “threat” James refuses to.

A Human Perspective:

Seattle, like the rest of the world, is terrible. Crime is terrible, the buildings are terrible, the politicians are terrible, hell, the people are terrible. No one cares anymore, not from apathy, but self-preservation; when the world is as morally corrupt as this one is, compassion and signs of humanity are abused. Everyone is out for themselves, and the cycle continues.

No one in a position of power is trusted in Seattle, and for good reason, as virtually every person in power abuses it to some extent. From governors to police officers to priests, everyone pays their respect to these people, but only the amount required, no more.

There are only a few nice places in the city, the Capitol, the Headquarters of the 4 big companies in Seattle (Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Expeditors International of Washington), and the areas surrounding these 5 places. The further you get away from these places, the worse it gets. A few other places stand out (not nearly as nice as the other 5, but nicer than the rest of the city) such as the Pike Place Market or the Burke Natural History Museum. Buildings owned by the more business inclined Cainite are generally nicer as well (if they need to be), but these are less common in Anarch Seattle.


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