Seattle's Tremere Chantry

Camarilla Thoughts:

Our last bastion of Camarilla presence in the city. It stands as a monument to the incompetence of the new rule.

- Arthur Groos

Anarch Thoughts:

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with that place, but we tried to storm it during the Rebellion once. None of our guys survived.

-Agustín Castillo

Objective Background:

The Chantry of the Camarilla Tremere remaining in Seattle. It is protected by powerful magics, making it difficult to find, and even more difficult to breach. It is home to much occult knowledge, and is the haven to many Tremere Acolytes. The Chantry’s Reagent is Arthur Groos.

To the casual observer, the Chantry looks like a simple office building, but once inside, it becomes a multilevel complex.

A renegade Tremere told some Anarchs of its location during the Rebellion, and lead a charge against it, only for all of them to perish in their attempt to take the building. It is believed no remaining Anarchs are aware of its location.

Seattle's Tremere Chantry

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