The Court of Goodwill

The Court of Goodwill, the name the new rulers of Seattle gave themselves after the rebellion.

The Court consists of 11 members, James Elwyn, the “Baron” of Seattle, and the city’s “10” Primogen:

These 11 people hold varying degrees of sway and power over the city. The authority is mostly based off of how many members of their clan are in the city (with James being an exception). This is why members like Santino Giovanni, Ash, and Alma Tapia are not considered members of the Primogen, simply members of the Court.

A few clans are noticeably missing Primogen:

  • The Followers of Set
  • Tzimisce
  • Assamites
  • Ravnos
  • Gangrel
    There are various different reasons why these clans lack a primogen: the Tzimisce are too heavily rooted in the Sabbat to still be in Seattle, the Assamites couldn’t care less about Seattle’s politics, there are no Followers of Set in Seattle (and besides, no one trusts the Setites enough to offer them a position), the Gangrels left the city, no Ravnos would be caught (un)dead telling you they are a Ravnos, etc.

The Court has many various methods of ensuring their laws are respected, with their main force being The Prince’s Hand, though they listen solely to James, and he could technically tell them to do only what he wants.

The Traditions:

Every vampire (Camarilla or otherwise) learns the Traditions after creation (if they follow them is another story). Of the 6 Traditions, James does not officially recognize any of them, though he does recommend the first and final (the Masquerade and the rights of Destruction), trusting the inhabitants judgment.

The Court of Goodwill

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