The Prince's Hand

Camarilla Thoughts:

Of all of those who turned against the Last Prince of Seattle, this was the most unexpected, and perhaps the most infuriating.

Anarch Thoughts:

These were Boon’s ghouls for decades, and now they just serve James? I don’t believe it for a second.

Objective Background:

The Prince’s Hand is the group of 5 ghouls under the service of the Prince of Seattle. They served Layton Boon when he ruled, and they know serve James Elwyn.

Their ranks consist of 5 members:

There had been another Hand, Cassius. However, unlike the rest of the hand (Richard not included), he had stayed on the side of Layton, the former Prince during the rebellion. He was killed along with Layton and his other ghouls.

Due to their shifted loyalties and mysterious origins, vampires of both the Court and the Camarilla dislike them.

The Prince's Hand

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