Seattle's Harpies

Like their Camarilla counter-parts, the Harpies of Seattle are the opinion leaders of the Cainites, they are the trend-setters. Camarilla Harpies spend most of their time socializing in Elysiums, but as no such place exists in Seattle (besides the The Emerald Court), they is no set place the Harpies meet.

Since the Baron’s job is managing the city as a whole, keeping it safe from outside influence, he cannot help solve all of the disputes between all of his fellow Cainites. This is the job of the Harpies. They use their social positions to uphold people’s favors, or to alert the community of untrustworthy individuals, or whatever is needed of these socialites.

The Harpies were initially banned by James Elwyn, wanting to remove Camarilla influence, but the existence ended up proving useful. As the Toreador “Primogen” and a former Harpy herself, Margaret Acker became the most prominent Harpy in Seattle.

The Harpies:
Margaret Acker: “Queen of the Harpies”
Nellie Hale
Catherine Lucas
Derek Palmer
Ellis Freeman

Seattle's Harpies

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